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2019 Ford Fusion

When you picture a classic, business or vehicle, at least until recently, the image was the mid-size sedan. Quintessentially perfect for nearly any purpose, the sedan is what kids learn to draw when they learn what a car is. You can't ask for something more fundamental to our culture! But not all sedans are created equal, and that's especially true as the SUV takes aim at the sedan market. The truly spectacular, like the 2019 Ford Fusion, are sedans that are a cut above the rest. See why the Fusion has taken its place as one of the best sedans on the market today.

What's New for 2019?

The Ford Fusion is sporting a new look in 2019. With front and rear fascias, there's a hint of the new among the exterior features that drivers already love. But that look is subtle, hard to see when the car's in motion. In front, the foglights have moved up, increasing visibility. The grille is interrupted on either side by two sheet metal "teeth." In the rear, the controversial chrome piece that rested just above the trunk handle has disappeared. The black stripe at the bottom has also vanished. We're left with a cleaner backside and wider trunk opening, which is a welcome change.

2019 Ford Fusion Exterior

A safety package is also newly available for 2019. The Co-Pilot360 Assist package includes adaptive cruise control and voice-controlled navigation. There's also the Co-Pilot360 Protect system that adds blind-spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert, forward collision mitigation, lane keeping assist, pedestrian detection, automatic emergency braking, and more. You'll benefit from a lot more piece of mind. The Assist and Protect system packages come standard.

Quiet, Luxurious Cabin

Entering and exiting the Ford Fusion is a breeze. As soon as you get in the Fusion and start the engine, you may notice...well, very little. This Ford sedan has an amazingly quiet cabin. You'll definitely hear the engine when in full acceleration, but otherwise it'll blend into the background noise of talk radio or casual conversation.

2019 Ford Fusion Interior

The seats are also nicely padded and without being mushy. The ride is plenty comfortable, even for hours on end. The front seat is spacious for just about any size of passenger, and the back seat should accommodate everyone except fairly tall adults. Indeed, the head and leg room in this midsize sedan is more than average for its class. In addition, your position is adjustable, with a tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel and 10-point power adjustable seating up front. The Fusion has quality materials throughout and the upper trims feel truly luxurious.

Cargo Space

Pop open the trunk and you'll find 16 feet of cargo space. That's enough for about a dozen shopping bags, and that number makes the Ford Fusion one of the class leaders. On top of that, boxes are a little easier to get in and out now with that slightly wider mouth. There's also more storage space throughout the cabin than any other midsize sedan on the market.

2019 Ford Fusion Cargo

We could go talking about the Fusion's features, including superb handling and its intuitive and responsive SYNC3 infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. But listing the features won't give you the full experience of the Ford Fusion, which can only happen when you drive it. Suffice it to say, the Ford Fusion is a fantastic package of desirable features wrapped up in an attractive frame--one that you won't want to miss.